How to clean:

Step1: Use the following tools to help you :

Squeeze the toothpaste onto a soft toothbrush, brush the oxidized silver jewelry back and forth, pay attention not to touch the water when the brush is used, and don’t put it on the faucet while flushing it, then the silver jewelry will become as bright as the new one.

You can use the cola that we usually drink, soaking the oxidized silver jewelry into the cola.After about 12 hours, take out the necklace and wash it with water, dry it and it will shine as new.

Sour vinegar
Use a small towel to dip the sour vinegar and wipe the oxidized silver jewelry. Rub it back and forth, and slowly the oxidized color will disappear, leaving a shimmering appearance.

NOTE: Remember not to use washing liquid to clean it, otherwise it will destroy the do old process.

How to maintain the luster of jewelry:

Don’t exposure to humidity or common skin care products.
Good silver cleaning products include mild phosphate free detergents, non-abrasive toothpaste, baking soda and commercial silver cleaners.
Always stay away from the abrasive brushes and bristle brushes. Some of the best silver jewelry cleaning brushes are very soft bristle brushes.
Avoid using rubber gloves because rubber also corrodes silver. When cleaning silver jewelry you should always clean in an up and down motion and not in circular motion. Use a soft sunshine cloth to gently rub the silver jewelry clean.
Make sure each silver piece is dry before storing it. Wrap each piece separately in anti-tarnish paper or acid-free tissue paper. You can also wrap your silverware in flannel. Seal the wrapped silver jewelry in airtight plastic bags.
Take your jewellery off before swimming because pools are full of chlorine.