Product & General Info
Q1: How to choose the correct jewelry size?
A1:Each product comes at various sizes (can be found in each Product Page).

Q2:How to determine my ring size?
A2:Do as following:
Find something to wrap around your finger.
Use a pen to make a mark where the end of the string meets.
Find a ruler and measure the string. Take your answer and subtract 9.3 from it. Round to either .0 or .5, and you got it!

Q3:How to determine my bangle size?
A3:Step 1:
Cut a thin strip of paper or thread

Bring your thumb and little finger together

Wrap where your hand is the widest

Make the spot where the paper/thread meets

Step 2:

Measure the length of the thread with your ruler

Use the following chart to determine your bangle size.

Tracking & Shipping
Q1:Does Elcongroo ship worldwide?
A1:Yes! We ship to most countries all over the world.

Please note that the shipping time frame may vary according to the destination you would like your order shipped to.

Q2:What are Elcongroo shipping options?
A2: We provide a convenient range of secure local and international shipping options.
Our most popular shipping methods include:

Expedited by air

Q3: Where is my order and How Can I Track It?
A3:Your item is being produced according to the shipping method you chose when placing your order.

Tracking Your Order
If you haven’t received a shipping notification, your order is still in production.

Shipping Notification
Once your product is in transit, we will send you a shipping confirmation email。

If you are having trouble tracking your order, please contact us.

If you still cannot find your order, Contact Service team for help.

Payments & Promo Information
Q1: What payment methods do you accept?
A1:We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal payments.

Q2:I have a PayPal account but I cannot complete the payment
A2: If you are unable to complete your payment using PayPal, please contact with your order details. We’ll gladly send you an email with a PayPal Payment Request to complete your payment and process your order.